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Saskatchewan Pasture Tour

Saskatchewan Cattlemen's Association

Marianne Possberg

August 2003 - Ongoing


Goal: Biodiversity

Audience: Cow-Calf

Project Type: Promote

Location: Saskatchewan

The Saskatchewan Pasture Tour has provided information and conversation regarding forages, range land, and other aspects of cattle and land management for more than 15 years. The annual event, held each summer in various locations throughout the province, tours more than 50 people to various farms, ranches, fields, and pastures to note new practices or innovations, tried and true methods, and useful programs to assist farmers and ranchers. Attendees learn from the experiences of farmers and ranchers presenting their operations, as well as agrologists and researchers who provide hands-on experiences. This event has brought producers together to discuss methods to manage and improve various species in a stand, control invasive species, ensure good water quality for their livestock, and create dynamic grazing plans, in addition to a number of other topics which vary based on the region of the province. By showcasing the experiences of producers, the Saskatchewan Pasture Tour has enabled farms and ranches to innovate as new technology becomes available, but it also echoes the essential elements needed for a healthy range land, and healthy cattle.

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