Monica Hadarits

Executive Director

Monica leads the strategic direction, management, and funding for the organization. Reporting to the CRSB Council and also staffs the Governance Committee.

With family farm roots in Saskatchewan, Monica holds a master’s degree in Geography from the University of Guelph and has focused her career and research on sustainable natural resource use and climate variability in agriculture in and Canada and internationally.

Andrea White

Director, Marketing and Stakeholder Relations

Andrea leads the organization’s communications and marketing strategy, industry relations as well as the CRSB’s certification claims and marketing work. She also staffs the Communications and Marketing Committee.

Andrea holds a Masters Degree in Food Science from the University of Manitoba. She has a diverse background with experience in processing, applied research and product development, program management, industry communications & marketing, and policy.

Kara Barnes

Director, Science and Programs

Kara leads the technical components of CRSB’s certification, and manages the organization’s projects and programs. She also staffs the Framework Committee.

Kara studied biological sciences, agriculture, and resource economics at the University of Alberta. Prior to joining the CRSB, she spent several years in the barley industry, and represented the barley industry as a CRSB member.

Dayna Cameron

Communications & Member Engagement Manager

Dayna leads the implementation of the CRSB’s Communications and Marketing strategy and is the member liaison.

After receiving her Business Degree from Mount Royal University, Dayna returned to the family farm (Westway Farms Ltd.) where she actively helps run the pedigreed seed, purebred cattle and feedlot businesses with her family.

Brenna Grant

Executive Director – CanFax Services

Brenna is the project manager for the 2nd National Beef Sustainability Assessment. She also staffs the Scientific Advisory Committee.

Brenna grew up in SW Saskatchewan on a cow/calf, yearling grasser operation where her family still operates. She holds a BA in Agricultural Economics from the University of Saskatchewan and a Masters in Applied Economics from Montana State University. 

Jenna Sarich

Technical Consultant & Writer

Jenna works part-time with the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef, focusing on the 2023 National Beef Sustainability Assessment.

Jenna is from Saskatchewan, where her family farms. She is finishing her Master’s Degree in Animal Science at the University of Saskatchewan, studying the effects of feeding ergot alkaloids on ruminal metabolism, growth performance, health, and welfare of beef cattle.