Certification Framework

The Certified Sustainable Beef Framework is an operation-level 3rd party audited certification program. Its standards serve as a checklist to recognize sustainable beef practices across the nation, to enable sustainable beef sourcing, and to build consumer confidence backed by credible, science-based claims.

Canadian ranchers and farmers are committed to raising animals responsibly, conserving and enhancing the natural ecosystem, caring for their families and communities, and embracing innovations that foster continual improvement.

Processors are committed to sustainable practices in their facilities, and play an important role in providing bringing beef from certified sustainable farms and ranches to tables across Canada.

Sourcing beef from certified sustainable Canadian farms and ranches recognizes the hard work involved in bringing sustainably-raised beef to Canadian stores and restaurants, for people seeking to make responsible food choices.

When you purchase beef from certified sustainable farms and ranches, you are demonstrating that sustainability is important to you. You are supporting the people who are producing your food, and encouraging stores and restaurants where you shop and eat to source products certified to sustainability standards.

Meet the Players

Meet some of the folks who work hard every day to raise cattle responsibly and bring beef produced sustainably according to the CRSB’s sustainability standards. There are many involved from gate to plate in bringing beef certified to our sustainability standards to Canadians. These include farmers and ranchers, processors, packers and distributors, and the retailer and restaurants that are purchasing and sourcing the beef from certified sustainable farms, ranches and processing facilities, as well as partners like auditors, Certification Bodies and many others.