Benefits Of Membership

The Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef is the national go-to forum on sustainable beef in Canada. It brings together multiple stakeholders from the beef value chain with a common vision and mission to define sustainable beef.

Members are leaders, committed to sustainable food systems, and through the CRSB, have the opportunity to make a difference by engaging and contributing to beef sustainability discussions.

What Our Members Say

“The development of CRSB is an intelligent and realistic response to what is necessary to maintain and improve upon the practice and economy of beef production; i.e., to do so within the context of ensuring a sustainable environment and thriving agricultural communities.  The inclusive and participatory nature of the CRSB membership is but one example of their adherence to this broad-minded approach.”

Kerry J Grisley, M.Sc., Program Director
Operation Grassland Community

Operation Grassland Community

“Dairy Farmers of Canada joined the CRSB in 2014 to formalize our involvement and collaboration in the sustainable beef value chain in Canada. Canadian dairy farmers have always been committed to sustainability and are proud to be part of this process. It allows us to integrate our consumer assurance program, called the proAction® Initiative, with this outstanding multi-stakeholder roundtable initiative. DFC shares the CRSB objective to propel Canada in a leadership role in providing safe, high quality Canadian beef produced in a sustainable and responsible manner.”

Guy Seguin, Assistant Director, Policy and Dairy Production
Dairy Farmers of Canada

Dairy Farmers Of Canada

Supply Chain Stakeholders
Producer / Processor Organizations  <$2M $1,500
 $2M – $10M $2,000
>$10M $2,500
Processors <$5M $2,500
>$5M $5,000
Retail and Food Service <$5M $2,500
>$5M $5,000
Associate Members
NGOs <$25M $1,000
$25M – $100M $1,500
>$100M $2,500
Food & Agriculture Business <$5M $2,500
>$5M $5,000
Academic Institute or Department  N/A  $1,500
Observer, Individual producer, academic etc.  N/A  $500

Photo Courtesy of Canada Beef Inc.