Frequently Asked Questions

CRSB is a multi-stakeholder community devoted to advancing sustainability in the Canadian beef industry.  We are comprised of organizations across the beef value chain and beyond, including producer associations, academic institutions, processors, food and agriculture businesses, non-governmental organizations (animal care and environmental groups) retail and foodservice companies, Governments and observers.

Sustainability, by definition is ensuring the needs of future generations without compromising the needs of our own.

Grounded in continuous improvement, here in Canada, we define beef sustainability as environmentally sound, socially responsible and economically viable, prioritizing the planet, people, animals and progress.

This means that farmers, ranchers, processors and everyone in the supply chain that is involved in bringing beef to your table are dedicated to conserving the land, water & air, raising animals responsibly, caring for our families and communities and ensuring fair and equitable working conditions, and embracing technology and innovation grounded in science to make improvements.

Canada had adopted the same five Principles of beef sustainability as developed by the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (GRSB).  Learn more about these Principles and Criteria at

It’s easy! Fill out an online membership form, where you can describe your affiliation and why you’d like to become a member.  CRSB Council reviews and approves all membership requests. 

There are a variety of membership categories within the CRSB, depending to which membership category you belong. Some have different levels depending on the size of your organization. Learn more  on our membership page.

Key benefits of membership in the CRSB include:

  • Contributing to advancing sustainability in the Canadian beef and food industry
  • Collaboration with industry stakeholders across the beef value chain, and in other agricultural sectors to effect positive change
  • Contributing to development of science-based, transparent messaging around sustainable practices
  • Opportunity to actively develop projects and programs that will lead to progress in the beef industry
  • Participating in on-going communication with the public about how their food is raised in Canada

The CRSB is a not-for-profit organization, comprised of a collaborative network of organizations committed to sustainable beef production. The CRSB is funded through a variety of sources, including membership fees, agriculture-related government funding programs, sponsorship and in-kind support. 

The Certified Sustainable Beef Framework, known as CRSB Certified, is a voluntary tool that enables producers and processors to demonstrate sustainability in their operations across the five principles of beef sustainability. Through third party audited certification, indicators of sustainability are verified against outcome-based standards. The system tracks cattle and beef at every stage of the supply chain, enables sustainable sourcing and delivers credible, science-based claims about how beef is raised in Canada, represented by the CRSB Certified logo.

Yes! Although the CRSB Certified program is relatively new, we are continually working with industry partners to grow the supply of beef raised on certified sustainable farms and ranches for Canadian consumers. Restaurants and retailers have already started sourcing a portion of their beef from Certified Sustainable farms and ranches, and demand is growing. Look for the CRSB Certified Mark, and keep up to date on where to find it here: If your favourite retailer or restaurant isn’t already sourcing, let them know you are looking for it.

Sustainable practices are about how the cattle are raised, rather than specific product attributes like these.  Production practices differ across the many diverse landscapes and farm operations in Canada and there are benefits and challenges with each. The CRSB aims to recognize good production practices across all types of production systems.

The Canadian beef industry is a recognized global leader in sustainable production.

The Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef  measures sustainability in Canadian beef through its National Beef Sustainability Assessment  – a scientific study that measures the environmental, social and economic performance of Canadian beef production. In 2024, the second assessment was published, reporting on progress between 2014 and 2021.

For example, the greenhouse gas footprint of Canadian beef production is 15% lower than in 2014, putting the industry on track to meet its 2030 goals of a 33% reduction emissions intensity. Land used for raising beef cattle in Canada stores an estimated 1.9 billion tonnes of carbon in the soil, and supports the majority of wildlife habitat on Canada’s crop and pastureland. Learn more on our Benchmarks page.

The report also identified a number of areas for improvement through which a strategy has been set for the future on how to continue to lead and improve the sustainability of Canadian beef production. The 2024 strategy mirrors the suite of 2030 Goals established by the Canadian beef industry.