Working Together to Advance Beef Sustainability

Canadian beef helps preserve one of the world’s most endangered ecosystems – our grasslands. 

See what we do to continually improve beef sustainability in Canada.


What is sustainable beef?

A socially responsible, economically viable and environmentally sound product that prioritizes the Planet, People, Animals and Progress.

Guiding Principles of Sustainable Beef

Why sustainability is important

To us, it’s about meeting our current needs while conserving our land, water and air; caring for our animals, people and communities; investing in projects; pursuing innovation and technology, and making improvements that will make life better for the generations ahead.

What We Do

A global leader in beef sustainability, we work collaboratively from farm to fork and beyond to advance environmental, social and economic sustainability in Canadian beef.

We measure performance and set strategic goals; we recognize sustainable beef practices through a 3rd party certification program, and promote projects and initiatives that support our strategic improvement goals.