Measuring current performance, setting strategic goals and identifying areas for improvement based on sound science, are all key areas where the CRSB leads sustainability initiatives for the Canadian beef industry.

Learn more about how we benchmark Canadian beef industry sustainability performance from environmental, social and economic perspectives through our National Beef Sustainability Assessment, Sustainability Strategy and our ambitious 2030 goals. Progress updates are added from time to time. CRSB’s research priorities guide our improvement initiatives, as set by our Scientific Advisory Committee.

Assessment & Strategy

The National Beef Sustainability Assessment benchmarks the environmental, social and economic performance of the Canadian beef industry. It highlights the areas where industry is doing well and identifies opportunities for improvement. The first Assessment and Strategy was released in 2016, with an update planned for 2023.

Goals & Progress

To make continual improvements, strategic goals across a diverse range of areas help set ambitious yet achievable, actionable priorities and timelines. Progress is updated regularly to measure progress against our goals.

Research Priorities

Set by the CRSB’s Scientific Advisory Committee, research priorities identify research and data gaps to improve on the robustness of the National Beef Sustainability Assessment.