Governance Committee


The Governance Committee provides guidance to the CRSB Council on matters relating to the leadership and governance of the CRSB.

The committee is responsible for:

  • Providing guidance to the Council on matters pertaining to its adherence to good governance principles and practices
  • Reviewing the structures and effectiveness of CRSB’s corporate governance systems to ensure they function effectively
  • Reviewing existing policies and procedures on an annual basis, identify the need for new or revised policies, and present such changes to the Council for consideration
  • Leading the process for Council member recruitment and succession
  • Overseeing the annual Council member nominations and elections plan and process
  • Advising on Council orientation or education/training needs
  • Advising on any perceived or real conflict of interests if they arise

The Committee provides recommendations to the CRSB, including its Council, Membership and Executive Director, and will report regularly to the CRSB Council.


Greg Bowie

Anne Wasko

Shay Duer

Ryan Beierbach

Lauren Martin