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Rangeland Improvement Program

Ducks Unlimited Canada

Kristine Tapley

April 2022 - March 2025


Goal: Biodiversity

Audience: Cow-Calf

Project Type: Promote

Location: Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan

The program aims to maintain grasslands and wetlands managed by beef producers for the continued enhancement of biodiversity and other ecosystem services. Given that each beef producer manages a unique set of resources, the intent of this program is to allow ranchers to identify the Best Management Practices (BMP) or infrastructure improvement that best supports their specific business rather than a prescriptive program approach. Program participants will sign 10-year term agreements that will ensure that, during the term, the grasslands are not broken and wetlands contained within the grasslands are not drained. In return participants will receive a financial incentive to implement a BMP or invest in infrastructure to support their business. This program, delivered in tandem with Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) extension activities (e.g. Beef Clubs), provides benefits directly to ranchers who are able to more efficiently and effectively manage their land. It will help producers gain knowledge from DUC extension programming and receiving incentives toward capital improvements to help put that learning into action.

Acres of upland habitat protected and acres of wetland habitat protected through the program are being measured and tracked.

Ranchers overlooking wetland and pasture
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