Call for Nominations

At the 2017 CRSB Annual Members’ Meeting on December 7th, Council elections for the upcoming year will be held.  There are several positions open for election or re-election this year including:
  • 1 Supply Chain Stakeholder – Producer Organization
  • 1 Supply Chain Stakeholder – Processor Organization
  • 1 Supply Chain Stakeholder – Retail & FoodService
  • 1 Associate Member, NGO
  • 1 Associate Member, Food & Agriculture Business
  • 1 Member at Large
The nomination process is as follows (more detailed information can be found in the CRSB Bylaws):
  1. Call for Nominations
  2. Nominations are put forward to the nomination committee.  Nominations will close after the last call for nominations during the Annual Meeting on December 7; nominations prior to the meeting are appreciated.
  3. Nominees will be invited to address the CRSB membership regarding their interest in serving on the CRSB Council during the AGM.
  4. Voting within each membership category will take place following close of nominations.

All nominations are welcome.

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