Global Roundtable announces commitment to reduce net global warming impact of beef 30% by 2030 through global sustainability goals

GRSB launches 2030 Beef Sustainability Goals

  • Climate: Reduce the net global warming impact of beef by 30%
  • Land Use: Ensure the beef value chain is a net positive contributor to nature 
  • Animal Health and Welfare: Provide cattle with an environment in which they can thrive, achieved through increased adoption of best practices 

Today, the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (GRSB), announces the launch of its global sustainability goals – commitments to advance and improve the sustainability of the global beef value chain. Established by GRSB, the goals will be led and implemented by members of the Roundtable. 

One of the biggest challenges facing the world today is climate change and the global beef industry has a key role to play in mitigating it. Through its worldwide network of members, GRSB intends to power progress in sustainable beef by setting ambitious goals around reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving land use, and enhancing best practices in animal welfare. 

The three key areas of focus outlined in these goals have been carefully identified to reflect priority areas for advancement and improvement. GRSB’s mission is to ensure that beef maintains a sustainable global supply chain and solidifies its role as part of a sustainable food system. 

Read full GRSB Goals Press Release for details about each goal topic.


“The world relies on beef and the industry relies on a healthy world to produce it. That’s why there is growing momentum in the industry to protect and nurture the earth’s natural resources. The conversation around beef sustainability is more important now than ever, and we recognise the need for beef to be more environmentally sound, more socially responsible, and more economically viable. The goals which we have launched today are a commitment from the global beef industry, articulating the role and responsibility that we are taking together towards achieving a more sustainable ecosystem. Our goals are ambitious, and we may not yet have all the solutions to achieve them. By focusing our efforts, we aim to inspire research and investment in science and innovation that will unlock their potential impact.” 

~ Ruaraidh Petre – Executive Director, Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef

“Beef is not only part of a vital food system, but a hundred-billion-dollar industry that supports farmers, ranchers, families and communities in almost every country all around the world. Much is already being done to preserve grasslands, adopt regenerative practices, protect forests, enhance carbon sequestration, and optimise resources, but there is strong recognition of the need and opportunity to do more. The Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef is a worldwide network of the people and organisations leading this positive change, and these goals represent our aim to safeguard the natural world.” 

~ Cherie Copithorne-Barnes – GRSB Executive Member; Past-Chair, CRSB

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