Our Impact

With an increasing focus on how the global food system impacts our environment, coupled with the need to grow food sustainably for future generations, measuring our impact now and ensuring we work together to improve is more important than ever.

Check out some of the key highlights below, and learn more about our Goals and Progress for more details on where we are going.

Our Main Goal:

Build a stronger and more united Canadian beef sustainability community


Preserving a healthy and thriving ecosystem

Carbon Storage

1.5 Billion

tonnes of carbon stored in land used for beef production in Canada.



of the wildlife habitat capacity is found on only 1/3 of the agricultural land in Canada, much of it managed by beef farmers and ranchers.

Greenhouse Gases


of Canada’s overall greenhouse gas emissions come from cattle production, less than half the global average.


Supporting healthy animals, people and communities

Farmer Mental Health


of farmers say following a business plan contributes to their peace of mind.



languages spoken in beef processing facilities in Canada

Animal Care


of beef producers using pain control to minimize animal discomfort.


Building a strong foundation for future generations

Economic Contribution

$21.8 Billion

contribution to Canada’s GDP by Canadian beef production.

Growing the Economy

$1 = $6.22

For every dollar spent by beef farms & ranches, $6.22 is generated in the Cdn. economy.

Beef Industry Jobs


full-time equivalent jobs provided by the Canadian beef sector