McDonald’s now serving beef sourced from CRSB-Certified Operations

CRSB is pleased to share that McDonald’s Canada is the first company to use the CRSB’s Certification Mark, beginning with its Angus beef line of burgers in restaurants across Canada.  Using internationally-recognized principles of Mass Balance, McDonald’s is now sourcing at least 30% of its Canadian Angus beef volume from farms and ranches certified to CRSB Sustainability Standards.

“We are thrilled that McDonald’s Canada has chosen the Certified Sustainable Beef Framework and the associated Certification Mark to communicate about their beef sustainability sourcing, says CRSB Chair and Alberta rancher Cherie Copithorne-Barnes. McDonald’s has been a leader in the global beef sustainability conversation and we are incredibly proud of the work that has been done in Canada. We encourage other interested stakeholders to reach out to us to learn more.”

Check out the new Mighty Angus Creamy Black Pepper Angus burger at your local McDonald’s Restaurant and see the new CRSB Certified logo signifying McDonald’s commitment to growing sustainable industry practices and sourcing a portion of its beef from beef production and processing operations that meet CRSB standards.

Please visit the CRSB Certified website for more information and contact us if you have any questions.

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