Gordon Food Service Canada commits to beef sustainability

Toronto, ON. – Gordon Food Service Canada Ltd. is very proud to announce that we have incorporated sustainable sourcing for our Gordon Choice boxed beef program, the first to do so in Canada. This means that we support sustainable beef practices in Canada through sourcing a minimum of 30% of the beef for the Gordon Choice line of beef products from CRSB Certified Sustainable farms and ranches across Canada. We invite our customers to join us in our beef sustainability journey, show how you value improvements being made, and help recognize the leadership of Canadian beef to consumers across Canada.
“Gordon Food Service Canada Ltd has been a longtime supporter of our Canadian cattle industry through its Gordon Choice boxed beef brand. Our customers and consumers continue to ask questions around how sustainable our Canadian cattle industry is, and want to know they are purchasing products raised with sustainability in mind. By aligning our brand with the CRSB we can now proudly talk to the benefits that prioritize our planet, people, animals and progress,” comments Darren Frey, National Merchandising Manager for Center of the Plate at Gordon Food Service Canada
“We are proud to partner with our beef processor partners, Cargill and Intercity Packers Meat & Seafood, who have worked hard to implement all the requirements to track the cattle and beef from CRSB Certified Operations at every point in the sustainable supply chain, from the farm gate forward,” adds Frey.
“Gordon Food Service has been a sustainability leader and we are thrilled to partner with them to bring Canadians products that align with our shared values,” said Clint Young, Cargill’s Canadian food service sales leader. “We’re building on the strong environmental stewardship led by farmers and ranchers and showing that agriculture and the food service industry can drive sustainability solutions forward.”

“The CRSB appreciates the dedication of companies like Gordon Food Service and their supply chain partners, in aligning their values with those of their customers, and working with the Canadian beef industry to tell the great story of sustainability embraced by Canadian farmers and ranchers every day. We are excited to work with their team and customers to continue to share that story,” said Anne Wasko, Chair of the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef.

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