CRSB Attends Many Industry Events in the Spirit of the Calgary Stampede

Stampede is always a very busy time of year as we get together with industry leaders from across the world for the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth. Some of our highlights include: 

Brandt Cattle Trail

Sharing the story of beef sustainability at the Brandt Cattle Trail. We hope you had the opportunity to stop by and say hi. This year we were happy to be able to show more aspects of the beef industry and the different roles along the supply chain.


Alberta Beef Producers Reception  

The Alberta Beef Producers Reception was a huge success! It was wonderful to see and speak with industry leaders from all over. As a partner for the award, we were especially excited to see the presentation of the Alberta TESA Award to Wray Ranch. All followed by a great talk about generations of commitment to environmental goals.  Thank you to Alberta Beef Producers for putting on such a wonderful event.

International Agriculture Reception 

The International Ag reception was another very successful event. The CRSB was mentioned by McDonalds, a major sponsor at the reception, for the positive work we are doing and the leadership role we take for sustainability.  It was a great place to have conversations with industry participants as well as those within our membership that may be less familiar with what CRSB is doing than their sustainability leads.


Beef Advisors  

It was a very successful meeting with the Beef Advisors.  Discussion was had around the sustainable ag strategy and how our 2030 goals will be the beef industry’s contribution to meeting the government’s 25% emissions reduction goal for all of agriculture. We also discussed net zero commitments being made by corporations. The CRSB and Certified Sustainable producers are a way the industry can help move closer to net zero.  By setting industry wide goals and doing research to improve production practices, we can keep reducing emissions per lb of beef produced and increase carbon sequestered on grazing lands.  We should be able to have more influence on certified sustainable ranches and if we can quantify the increase in carbon sequestration or reduction in emissions for certain practices, certified sustainable beef can move corporations towards net zero faster. 

We also need international recognition for the carbon that grazing lands store and sequester.  This will take research to prove and find a scalable, less costly way to measure.  We also discussed how having a absolute goal like net zero can result in emissions trading that switches blame but doesn’t actually reduce emissions.  It can have the effect of making it more costly to produce beef in countries that have lower emissions/lb of beef and moving this production to countries with higher emissions which increases worldwide emissions.  We looked at mitigation strategies, which ones will have the most influence on the Canadian beef industry reaching our goal.  The 2025-2029 National beef strategy will be aligned with with the 2030 goals.  The plan is to have it completed by the second half of 2024.  It is proposed to add a sustainability pillar (land use, biodiversity, water, GHG and carbon goals)

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