Sustainability Projects

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Part of the CRSB’s mandate is to communicate and share sustainability projects that help advance the continuous improvement for sustainability of the Canadian beef industry. The Projects Pillar is focused on building a stronger and more united beef sustainability community by increasing awareness of sustainable beef production. These projects should advance the ten goals from the National Beef Sustainability Assessment and Strategy.

Letters of Support

CRSB does not fund research, but provides letters of support for research initiatives that is aligned with the CRSB Research Priorities. These priorities are focused on filling the Canadian specific knowledge and data gaps for the update of the National Beef Sustainability Assessment (NBSA) in 2021-23.

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Below are links to information and progress on CRSB projects, and those on which we collaborate with others.

Maintaining and Enhancing Wildlife Habitat


Over 1000 species make their home on Canadian rangelands, their habitat regularly overlapping with agricultural landscapes, particularly livestock grazing operations.  

Through funding from the Species at Risk Partnerships on Agricultural Lands (SARPAL) Program, CRSB is partnering with members, including Alberta Beef Producers, Canadian Cattlemen’s Association, MultiSAR and Cows and Fish to increase, maintain and improve habitat for species at risk (SAR) within the Grassland Natural Region of Alberta. The project focuses on knowledge sharing, the completion of habitat assessments, development of voluntary Habitat Conservation Strategies (HCS), and subsequent implementation and monitoring of beneficial management practices.  

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Consumer Perceptions of Beef Sustainability

Evaluating Consumer Impact and Acceptance of Logos and Claims


The CRSB launched the Certified Sustainable Beef Framework in December 2017. The Framework consists of sustainability standards supported by a comprehensive certification program that facilitates the Canadian beef industry to demonstrate sustainability in beef production and processing, supports the retail and foodservice industry to meet sustainable sourcing commitments, and enables consumers to purchase sustainably sourced beef.

The purpose of this project was to evaluate the impact and effectiveness of the logos and claims developed by the CRSB, and to determine what improvements are required for maximum consumer impact.

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If you or your organization has an idea for a project that aligns with CRSB’s priorities, please contact us at