Projects Pillar

The CRSB’s mission is to advance continuous improvement in Canadian beef industry sustainability. Part of this mandate is communicating and coordinating projects that contribute to advancing the CRSB's goals, as outlined in the National Beef Sustainability Assessment and Strategy.

projects pillar labelsThe CRSB's Projects Pillar is focused on building a stronger and more united beef sustainability community by increasing awareness of sustainable beef production. This is achieved through four core areas:

  1. Aligning initiatives within the sustainability strategy goals
  2. Connecting what is being by others through an online Projects Inventory
  3. Collaborating with others doing similar work
  4. Communicating through an annual projects survey


A alignALIGN 

Initiatives with the goals of the National Beef Sustainability Strategy 

To support improvements identified through the National Beef Sustainability Assessments, CRSB profiles projects that build on the goal in the Sustainability Strategy

Check out the Interim Report on this strategy released earlier in 2020 for progress that has been made, and opportunities for further improvements on outstanding action items before the next assessment in 2023. 

B connectCONNECT

Check out what's being done through our Projects Inventory

The CRSB has created an inventory of projects being done across Canada.  This inventory provides information for those interested in projects, which are grouped by location, target audience and goal.  Check out the projects inventory.

C collaborateCOLLABORATE

Work with others towards common goals

Collaboration is a key cornerstone of the CRSB. Collaboration allows us to leverage resources and knowledge as we look for ways to accelerate continuous improvement.  Work with your network of colleagues, researchers, industry associations and others on projects that align with your priorities to help us advance the goals of the sustainability strategy together.


D communicateCOMMUNICATE

Submit your projects to the Inventory

Close the loop by communicating what your organization is doing. An annual survey is available online every year from April 1-May 31, and is open to everyone. Through this survey tell us about the projects you or your organization are working on that demonstrate, pilot or promote one or more of the goals of the Sustainability Strategy.

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Letters of Support

CRSB does not fund research, but provides letters of support for initiatives that are aligned with the CRSB Research Priorities and/or advance the National Beef Sustainability Strategy. The strategy and these priorities focus on filling the Canadian specific knowledge and data gaps for the update of the National Beef Sustainability Assessment (NBSA) in 2021-23 and/or help to advance the sustainability strategy goals.

Click here for CRSB's Policy for requesting Letters of Support.


The Sustainability Projects Inventory is a database of completed and ongoing projects that align with the goals from the National Beef Sustainability Assessment and Strategy. These sustainability projects are designed to demonstrate, pilot or promote sustainability practices. Note that these are not research projects; information on beef research projects can be found at

Browse the inventory of projects supporting beef sustainability across Canada here


Projects Inventory Survey

The Annual Sustainability Projects Survey is open between April 1 and May 31 each year, it is open to both CRSB members and non-members.  We encourage anyone leading or participating in a project that supports the goals of the National Beef Sustainability Strategy to submit a project.

See below CRSB feature projects, and those on which we collaborate with others. 


Featured Projects

blog image

Cow-Calf Backgrounder NGOs

January 2015 - March 2018
Maintaining and Enhancing Wildlife Habitat

Over 1000 species make their home on Canadian rangelands, their habitat regularly overlapping with agricultural landscapes, particularly livestock grazing operations.

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blog image

Consumers Retail/Foodservice Packer/Processor

February 2018 - September 2018
Consumer Perceptions of Beef Sustainability

Consumer perceptions are key to communicating advancement in beef sustainability, and the CRSB completed its first consumer research project in...

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