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“Worried About” Brochures



2014 - Ongoing

Audience(s): Consumers   Project Type(s): Promote

These brochures are intended primarily for a consumer audience, providing factual, science based information about beef production practices.  They also have the secondary goal of providing our producers with the correct information when they are in conversations about beef production practices.  To date four brochures have been produced led by Alberta Beef Producers: hormones, nutrition, antimicrobial use and resistance and greenhouse gas emissions.  Beef Farmers of Ontario have also produced two other brochures on cattle diets and beef cattle care in a similar format.  Many other groups have reprinted and reposted these brochures.


Goal #10: Increase demand for Canadian beef though consumer awareness of sustainable beef production

Indicators Addressed:
  • Continuous learning regarding beef production is pursued. Continuous learning about sustainability in beef production shall be undertaken.
Communication Tools:

The communication efforts around these are ongoing.  These brochures are available in hard copy as tri-fold brochures as well as online.  As mentioned above, many other organizations have printed their own versions with their own logos, or simply reprinted ours using our original design files.  They are present at all consumer facing events and a number of producer-consumer events that Alberta Beef Producers attends.

The "Worried about Hormones in Cattle", "Worried about Antibiotic use and resistance in cattle" and "Worried about Greenhouse gas" brochures can be found on the Alberta Beef site.

The nutrition one isn’t posted on our website yet as it is undergoing some revisions, but Beef Farmers of Ontario’s version is here: Ontario's Worried about series

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