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Saskatchewan Pasture Tour

Marianne Possberg

Saskatchewan Cattlemen's Association

August 2003 - Ongoing

Audience(s): Cow-Calf   Project Type(s): Promote

The Saskatchewan Pasture Tour has provided information and conversation regarding forages, range land, and other aspects of cattle and land management for more than 15 years. The annual event, held each summer in various locations throughout the province, tours more than 50 people to various farms, ranches, fields, and pastures to note new practices or innovations, tried and true methods, and useful programs to assist farmers and ranchers. Attendees learn from the experiences of farmers and ranchers presenting their operations, as well as agrologists and researchers who provide hands-on experiences.    This event has brought producers together to discuss methods to manage and improve various species in a stand, control invasive species, ensure good water quality for their livestock, and create dynamic grazing plans, in addition to a number of other topics which vary based on the region of the province. By showcasing the experiences of producers, the Saskatchewan Pasture Tour has enabled farms and ranches to innovate as new technology becomes available, but it also echoes the essential elements needed for a healthy range land, and healthy cattle.


Goal #3: Enhance ecosystem services and biodiversity on lands managed by beef producers

Indicators Addressed:

Soil health is maintained or enhanced, continuous learning regarding beef production is pursued, grasslands, tame pastures and native ecosystems are maintained or enhanced, cattle have sufficient quantity and quality of water.

Communication Tools:

The event itself is a communication tool to encourage interaction among producers about topics regarding rangeland, forage, and animal health. Participants are usually sent out package with a list of additional resources based on questions that were asked during the event.

The event, held annually, is conveyed to local producers through Ministry of Agriculture mail-outs, as well as through social media of partner organizations, as well as local newspapers and the newsletters from groups like the Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association, Saskatchewan Forage Council, West Central Forage and others.  A "Save the Date" mailer is usually shared by partner organizations in May, before a poster with an agenda is distributed in June leading up to the event.

Agriculture media, such as the Canadian Cattlemen's Magazine, have been invited to join the tour in order to carry forward the conversations and information provided at the tour.  

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