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Riparian & Wetland Ecosystem Improvement



2010 - Ongoing

Audience(s): Cow-Calf   Project Type(s): Demonstration

Riparian & Wetland Ecosystem Improvement will be achieved through:

  • Exclusion Fencing on Pasture Land to reduce livestock impact
  • Grassed buffer strips on crop land to trap unwanted materials before entering water
  • Location of water sources & winter feeding sites to minimize adverse effects on water
  • Planting Eco-buffers to manage snow-trap in winter & reduce water evaporation in summer

Goal #4: Enhance riparian health and reduce the water footprint of beef production

Indicators Addressed:
  • Riparian areas, wetlands, surface and ground water sources and nutrient runoff are responsibly managed to help maintain or enhance watershed health.

15,141 acres established nationally as of March 31, 2018. Baseline riparian and range health assessments and photos are taken. Subsequent comparative assessments and photo monitoring occur.

Communication Tools:

ALUS Canada Website (, Municipal agriculture section newsletters, press releases, displays at agricultural trade shows.

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