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Re-Forestation with Native Trees & Eco-Buffer Shelterbelts



2008 - Ongoing

Audience(s): Cow-Calf   Project Type(s): Promote

Windbreaks provide important shelter for cattle. By replacing end of life windbreaks with shelterbelts multiple objectives can be addressed including: improved water retention, catching snow, providing wind protection, supporting biodiversity by providing habitate and carbon sequesetration. These will be achieved through: 

  1. planting more diverse species to increase resiliency to pests and climate variability
  2. planting flowering trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants to adjacent to crop land on sites with soil, topography or field continuity challenges
  3. planting flowering trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants to replace windbreak shelterbelts for livestock at end-of-life.

Goal #3: Enhance ecosystem services and biodiversity on lands managed by beef producers

Goal #2: Reduce the greenhouse gas footprint of Canadian beef per unit of product produced

Goal #7:Promote excellence in animal care

Indicators Addressed:

3,637 acres re-forested with native trees & shrubs as of March 31, 2018

  • Habitat for wildlife is maintained or enhanced, and wildlife conflict prevention is managed.
  • Practices that support carbon sequestration and minimize emissions are understood and/or employed
Communication Tools:

ALUS Canada Website (, Municipal agriculture section newsletters, press releases, displays at agricultural trade shows.

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