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Quantifying Yield and Quality of Perennial Varieties and Mixtures



2015 - 2018

Audience(s): Cow-Calf   Project Type(s): Demonstration

Forage is a major input and a key cost of wintering cows. Forage yield and quality have implications on greenhouse gas emissions with better quality feed reducing emissions from cattle during digestion and higher yields reducing emissions from feed production.

This project will provide unbiased, current and comprehensive regional data regarding establishment, winter survival, yield, quality, and economics of specific species and varieties of perennial forage crops. By identifing perennial crops, species and varieties that demonstrate superior establishment, hardiness, forage yield and nutritional quality characteristics in different eco-regions of Alberta. In addition, this project will assess any benefits from growing mixtures of selected species and demonstrate the regional adaptability of various forage species and varieties alone and in mixed stands.


Goal #9:Increase the financial viability of beef production in Canada

Goal #2: Reduce the greenhouse gas footprint of Canadian beef per unit of product produced

Indicators Addressed:
  • Practices that support carbon sequestration and minimize emissions are understood and/or employed
  • Energy resources are responsibly used

Tagged as: Environment