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Manitoba agricultural film & twine recycling pilot project



2018 - 2020

Audience(s): Cow-Calf Government   Project Type(s): Promote

This project provides Manitoba producers with recycling options for bale and silage wrap, grain bags and polypropylene twine. The goal of this multi-year pilot project is to increase the volume of material being recycled by improving access to collection sites and minimizing contamination of collected materials. Additional activities include exploring alternative collection methods (feasibility of on-farm collection, bins vs. bags, etc.) and recycling solutions for netting.


Goal #6: Promote farm safety and responsible working conditions

Goal #2: Reduce the greenhouse gas footprint of Canadian beef per unit of product produced

Goal #5: Reduce post-harvest meat waste

Indicators Addressed:
  • Operation reduces, reuses and recycles, as feasible facilities, services and technologies exist or become available.
Communication Tools:

Findings from this pilot can be applied to other jurisdictions across Canada. This project also involves a stakeholder consultation component with an emphasis on harmonizing recycling options that are available across the Prairies. Results will be disseminated electronic.

Tagged as: Social Efficiency and Innovation