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Low Stress Cattle Handling Course

Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA)

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Audience(s): Cow-Calf Feedlot   Project Type(s): Promote

As a national, non-profit organization, CASA promotes farm safety in the agricultural sector. CASA works with partners in government, business, and farming organizations across the country to support initiatives that equip producers, their families and their workers with the information and tools needed to make farms a safe place to live, work and play. This course covers: Low stress cattle handling background, animal science research, understanding cattle behavior, moving cattle, special hazards, bull safety, livestock facilities.


Goal #7:Promote excellence in animal care

Goal #6: Promote farm safety and responsible working conditions

Indicators Addressed:

Animal Health and Welfare

  1. Unnecessary animal stress is minimized.
  2. Animal caretakers shall minimize cattle stress in the context of handling, loading and unloading, transportation, cattle facilities and environmental conditions and recognize and react appropriately to signs of stress.
Communication Tools:

This is a course that was developed in partnership with AgSafe BC and the University of Saskatchewan. It is offered and promoted through CASA and our partners. CASA will offer the course contents to CRSB for free in order to educate and improve safety to the target audience.

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