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March 2018 - October 2019

Audience(s): Packer/Processor Retail/Foodservice Consumers   Project Type(s): Promote is the creation of Second Harvest, Canada's largest food rescue organization.  Rescuing surplus food for over 32 years, we've seen the need in our communities and matched it with generous donors, who understand the importance of recovering healthy, nutritious food and diverting it to those in need.  Although we redistributed over 10 million pounds in 2017, there is still far too much good food being thrown away.  So we decided to build a system to expand the recovery of perfectly edible food, giving direct access for social service organizations to help those experiencing food insecurity.  This new platform takes a local approach to rescuing food. We heard from businesses that they're very willing to donate their surplus product.  They just needed a system to make it easy and safe to connect with social service programs in their own communities. That's what is all about.


Goal #5: Reduce post-harvest meat waste

Indicators Addressed:

Reduce environmental footprint by reducing food waste

Communication Tools:

When donors post food on the platform, they will be able to pull reports on all the food they have donated so far, along with the greenhouse gas emissions this donation has prevented. As well there are plans to scale up how many provincial coordinators on staff to promote the project in different areas. We are actively working on promoting across Ontario, with the goal to make it available across Canada. At the end of this year, we will also be completing an end of the year review to assess the pilot project.

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