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Food Loss and Waste Project



Feb 2018 - January 2019

Audience(s): Packer/Processor Retail/Foodservice Consumers   Project Type(s): Promote

Second Harvest worked with Value Chain Management International (VCMI) on a ground-breaking food loss and waste (FLW) project, funded by the generous support of The Walmart Foundation. A world first, the project is researching FLW from a whole of Canadian chain perspective – from primary production to consumer. It calculated the total amount of food available for human consumption in Canada. Through conducting pioneering primary research, it will identify where, how and why waste occurs along the chain. It identified potential root-cause solutions to reduce the percentage of Canadian food sent to landfill – by proposing improved redistribution, reuse and recycling practices. It identified opportunities for food to be recovered and distributed to people who are food insecure. It culminated in the production and dissemination of a manual of scalable and sustainable solutions for addressing and preventing food waste.


Goal #5: Reduce post-harvest meat waste

Indicators Addressed:

Reduce environmental footprint by reducing food waste

Communication Tools:

We will be sharing findings to date from the research project at three focus groups across the country in September (Calgary, Moncton and Greater Toronto Area). Data gathered from the Food Loss and Waste (FLW) project will enable the development of sustainable enterprise, sector and industry level solutions. FLW solutions developed during the project will be tested and refined through stakeholder engagement, then packaged into a manual for guiding sustainable FLW prevention and food redistribution initiatives. A technical report and manual will be shared online with the food industry. Data will enable subsequent analysis and benchmarking of FLW solutions and implemented solutions from environmental and socio-economic perspectives.

The final report can be found at:

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