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Demonstration of Monitors for Remote Watering Systems for Livestock



Winter 2017 - Summer 2018

Audience(s): Cow-Calf   Project Type(s): Demonstration

The use of remote watering systems for livestock can help to improve water quality, reduce soil erosion and protect riparian areas. Yet, reliability of the system and resulting frequency of checks required to ensure the system is working properly deter producers from using them. In this project, two monitors for remote watering systems were demonstrated 1) low-tech, beacon light system which lit up when the trough didn’t fill, visible from the road or house and 2) high-tech system that used cell coverage to send a picture to the producer’s phone three times per day.


Goal #4: Enhance riparian health and reduce the water footprint of beef production

Indicators Addressed:
  • Riparian areas, wetlands, surface and ground water sources and nutrient runoff are responsibly managed to help maintain or enhance watershed health.

Remote watering systems support "Watershed health and minimize water quality issues" animal health is supported by providing a more palatable water and labour efficiencies are gained by reducing the time needed to check water sources.

Communication Tools:

Field days (already held), winter extension events/presentations, articles, radio, etc.

Tagged as: Efficiency and Innovation