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A Guide to the Incentives and Programs Available for Prairie Working Landscapes

Silke Nebel

Birds Canada

June 2021 - Ongoing

Audience(s): Cow-Calf   Project Type(s): Promote

Birds Canada has produced the Grasslands Conservation Incentives Guide (, a comprehensive guide to the financial incentives available to Prairie producers and landowners to improve, preserve or restore prairie habitats. With over 45 programs and funding sources in this easy-to-use guide, prairie producers can quickly access information about programs and financial incentives that might be available to them. The information presented in the guide can help to make informed decisions on how to achieve their operation’s production and ecological goals.     The guide also has resources for land management options that can enhance prairie biodiversity, as well as information about the prairie birds that may benefit from the producers participating in the programs presented in the guide.


Goal #3: Enhance ecosystem services and biodiversity on lands managed by beef producers

Indicators Addressed:
  1. Grasslands, tame pastures and native ecosystems are maintained or enhanced
    1. Grasslands, tame pastures and native ecosystems shall be monitored and managed, and a balanced approach to exotic and invasive plants shall be achieved.
  2. Practices that support carbon sequestration and minimize emissions are understood and/or employed.
    1. To raise awareness about current and evolving production practices and methods of measurement that support carbon sequestration and minimize emissions in the Canadian beef industry.
  3. Habitat for wildlife is maintained or enhanced, and wildlife conflict prevention is managed.
    1. Measures shall be taken to maintain habitat to benefit wildlife.
Communication Tools:

The Grasslands Conservation Incentives Guide can be viewed or downloaded from or can be found as a resource on the following organizations’ websites: Manitoba Forage and Grasslands Association, Saskatchewan Prairie Conservation Action Program, and the Central Grasslands Roadmap. The guide is updated periodically to ensure that all program information is current and accurate.

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