Projects Inventory

The Sustainability Projects Inventory is a database of completed and ongoing projects from CRSB members and non-members that align with the ten goals from the National Beef Sustainability Assessment and Strategy. These sustainability projects are designed to demonstrate, pilot or promote sustainability practices. 

The Annual Sustainability Projects Inventory Survey is open between April 1 and May 31 each year, it is open to both CRSB members and non-members.

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Cow-Calf Government

October 2019 - March 2023
Wildfire prevention
Amanda J Miller
BC Cattlemen's Association

Cattle Grazing for Fuel Management in BC’s Wildland/Urban Interface.

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Cow-Calf Government NGOs

April 2015 - March 2022
Vermilion River Wetland Restoration and Enhancement Project
Leah Kongsrude
North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance

The North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance (NSWA) is partnering with the Vermilion River Watershed Alliance (VRWA) to restore and enhance wetlands...

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Cow-Calf NGOs Government

1992 - Ongoing
Cows and Fish

A handshake agreement started Cows and Fish in 1992 - a recognition that livestock producers needed a voluntary, proactive approach...

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Cow-Calf Government

2018 - 2020
Manitoba agricultural film & twine recycling pilot project

This project provides Manitoba producers with recycling options for bale and silage wrap, grain bags and polypropylene twine.

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Feedlot Government

February 2016 - April 2019
Impact of Amended Feedlot Pen Surface on Cattle Health and Welfare, Environmental and Economic Sustainability

This research project aims to assess the social, environmental, technological and economic performance (positive, negative or neutral) associated with housing...

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Backgrounder Feedlot Retail/Foodservice NGOs Government

April 1, 2019 - December 2022
Surveillance of antimicrobial use and antimicrobial resistance in Canadian feedlot cattle
Joyce van Donkersgoed
Alberta Cattle Feeders Association

The Public Health Agency of Canada monitors antimicrobial resistance in healthy livestock arriving at abattoirs and retail meat through it’s...

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