Inventory Survey: Projects for Continuous Improvement

The Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (CRSB) has a vision to be the go-to forum for sustainability conversations. Part of this work includes communicating and coordinating the continuous improvement of the Canadian beef industry's sustainability, recognizing that there are multiple players in this field.

Projects survey


In order to support improvements in future updates of the National Beef Sustainability Assessments (NBSA), CRSB is looking to profile projects that build on the following goals identified in the National Beef Sustainability Strategy, identified via an annual survey.


Strategic Continuous Improvement Goals

  • Reduce the greenhouse gas footprint of Canadian beef per unit of product produced
  • Enhance ecosystem services and biodiversity on lands managed by beef producers
  • Enhance riparian health and reduce the water footprint of beef production
  • Reduce post-harvest meat waste
  • Promote farm safety and responsible working conditions
  • Promote excellence in animal care
  • Support the further development, monitoring and dissemination of best practices regarding antimicrobial use
  • Increase the financial viability of beef production in Canada
  • Increase demand for Canadian beef though consumer awareness of sustainable beef production

Projects Inventory

A alignTo build a stronger and more united beef sustainability community and increase awareness of sustainable beef production, CRSB has launched an inventory of projects that contribute to continuous improvement of beef production across Canada – recognizing that there are multiple players in the supply chain.

This inventory webpage provides information for interested stakeholders, such as listing projects by location, goal and target audience. The value of this inventory is transparent communication to members and non-members about efforts in this area to avoid duplication and align efforts across groups.

To facilitate on-going sharing about current projects, CRSB conducts an annual survey of Projects for Continuous Improvement. The survey is open every year April 1 - May 31.


What is a Project for Continuous Improvement?

Any project that demonstrates, pilots, or promotes practices that contribute to advancing one of the goals, as identified above.

  • Applied research and technology transfer could be considered demonstration but needs to be at a commercial scale, target a specific audience and link to a specific practice that supports one of the goals.
  • Projects are frequently local or regional in nature, as they address issues for specific ecosystems, habitats and production practices that are often influenced by weather and natural resources.
  • Primary research projects, while contributing to the conversation and advancing knowledge in these areas, are excluded from this survey.

For example:

  1. An applied research project working with feedlot operators measuring the benefits and impact of rolled compacted concrete would be included.
  2. An initiative piloting or demonstrating ways to reduce food waste at retail or foodservice would be included.
  3. A research project to better understand the rumen microbiome would be excluded.

About the Survey

Please complete the survey to help CRSB communicate and coordinate continuous improvement in the Canadian beef industry.


C collaborateThis survey is open to all - CRSB members and non-members. We encourage you to share with your contacts and partners with whom you have projects that contribute to continuous improvement of beef production across Canada.

Projects submitted do not need to be connected to existing CRSB efforts. 


Instructions for Completion

Click here for a Word document outlining the information that is needed to complete the survey (below).  Please use this only as a guide to help you prepare your answers to the survey questions. A summary of the Certified Sustainable Beef Framework Indicators can be referenced as you fill out the survey. 

Please Note: if you have multiple projects to enter, please complete a separate form for each one.  


Process for inclusion on website inventory

Projects will be evaluated based on documentation submitted through the online survey, with priority given to projects that are explicitly aligned with GRSB principles and criteria, clearly contributing to the Sustainability Strategy goals, and reference the Certified Sustainable Beef Framework Indicators.

Projects that meet the necessary requirements will be reviewed and approved for inclusion on CRSB’s inventory by the CRSB Scientific Advisory Committee. CRSB reserves the right to approve or exclude any project, as per the discretion of the Scientific Advisory Committee.


Website recognition

D communicateThe participating organization acknowledges that inclusion of a project on the CRSB website is intended solely for the purpose of supporting communication and networking efforts within the Canadian beef sustainability community.  Such acknowledgement in no way whatsoever constitutes an agreement by the CRSB to fund the project set forth in the sustainability project inventory; any implication is unauthorized and invalid.

Click here to review website recognition criteria.

Thank you for your participation in the Projects for Continuous Improvement Inventory Survey with the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (CRSB).  Click here for more information on the CRSB's Projects Pillar.


The Sustainability Projects Survey is now open until May 31.