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Tantramar Community Pasture

Ducks Unlimited Canada

Kristine Tapley

2017 - Ongoing

Goal: Water

Audience: Cow-Calf

Project Type: Demonstration

Location: New Brunswick

A unique partnership between Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) and the Tantramar Community Pasture Association for the protection of a 100-acre (40.5-hectare) bog. For farmers, the wetland is wasted space: cattle grazing in the area avoid the bog or sink deep in the wet soil. In exchange for restoring and fencing off the bog, DUC would help the Association improve productive agricultural land, and create small wetlands to give grazing cattle access to fresh drinking water.

Seven farmers graze their cattle on the 1,000-acre (404.7-hectare) pasture, which is located just outside of Sackville, N.B. Available land in the area is limited, which makes the community pasture extremely valuable.

The partnership between the Association and DUC will ensure that important natural habitat is conserved for wildlife, and that high-quality grassland stays productive for farmers and their cattle.

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