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Case Study to Evaluate 3D Fencing in Reducing Livestock Feed Losses to Wildlife in Saskatchewan

Government of Saskatchewan

Jeff Braidek

March 2014 - November 2015

Goal: Biodiversity, Financial Viability

Audience: Backgrounder, Cow-Calf, Feedlot

Project Type: Demonstration

Location: Saskatchewan

Wildlife damage and consumption of livestock feed can be a financial and stressful issue for producers in Saskatchewan. Herds of elk, deer and moose can move into an area and completely eradicate winter feed supplies, leaving producers scrambling to find feed for their livestock. As wildlife pressure becomes heavier in many areas of our watershed, local producers are looking for solutions to this ever-increasing problem while still respecting biodiversity.

The project did find that there was some deterrence when the wildlife approached the fence, especially if they saw the fence before continuing.

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