Our Work

Pillar 1. Sustainability Benchmarking

The CRSB commissioned Deloitte LLP and Canfax Research Services to conduct a strategic assessment of the social, environmental and economic impacts of the Canadian beef industry. This comprehensive farm to fork sustainability assessment will identify national key performance indicators to monitor and measures the industry’s sustainability progress over time. Deloitte LLP’s and Canfax Research Services’ work is guided by a multi-stakeholder Steering Committee comprised of scientific and industry experts who provide oversight to the project. A third-party scientific panel will also review the assessment. The estimated completion date for the entire project is Fall 2016. A project summary is available here.

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Pillar 2. Verification Framework

The CRSB is developing the framework to verify the sustainability of individual beef operations and processing plants. This framework consists of two key components: 1) indicators and 2) verification. The indicators reflect how sustainability will be measured. The CRSB will also develop verification protocols, which will outline the necessary components for verifying the indicators (e.g. chain of custody, audit cycle). A summary of the Indicator Development Process is available here.

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Pillar 3. Sustainability Projects

The CRSB will undertake projects to advance sustainability and continuous improvement in the Canadian beef industry. This work is upcoming.

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