About CRSB Membership

The CRSB was established by a community of stakeholders devoted to fostering continuous improvement and sustainable practices across the Canadian beef value chain.

Membership in the CRSB provides a forum for organizations and companies with an interest in sustainability an opportunity to share knowledge and collaborate on initiatives that advance the sustainability of the Canadian beef industry as well as the understanding of sustainable beef production in Canada.

Stakeholders involved in the beef industry or with an interest in the sustainability of the beef industry can become a Member of the CRSB if they support the CRSB vision, mission, and principles and agree to work constructively toward improving the sustainability of Canadian beef production.

member types 

Why be a CRSB member?

CRSB Members are leaders, committed to sustainable food systems, and through the CRSB, have the opportunity to make a difference by engaging and contributing to beef sustainability discussions and initiatives.

Organizations and individuals have joined the CRSB because they believe in the principles of sustainability for the beef industry in Canada and want to be a part of a collaborative community that supports the continual advancement of sustainability in the beef industry in Canada.

Some of the key benefits of membership in the CRSB include:

  • Contributing to advancing sustainability
  • Collaborating with other organizations, individuals and companies across the beef value chain to effect change in a positive manner
  • Contributing to development of science-based, concise, transparent messaging about sustainable practices used in Canadian beef production and processing
  • Learning about beef production in Canada
  • Opportunity to actively develop projects and programs that will lead to progress in the beef industry
  • Participating in on-going communication with the public about how their food is raised in Canada


Membership Constituencies

CRSB membership is divided into a number of categories: insert icons for membership categories, as per template design.

Supply Chain Stakeholders
  • Producer & Processor Organizations
  • Processors
  • Retail & Foodservice
Associate Members
  • Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)
  • Food & Agriculture Business
  • Academic Institutions or Departments
  • Government
  • Individual Producers
  • Youth
  • Individual Academics


Cost of Membership

Membership Category Annual Revenue     Annual Member Fees
Supply Chain Stakeholders
Producer/Processor Organizations <$2M   $1,500
  $2M - $10M   $2,000
  >$10M   $2,500
Processors <$5M   $2,500
  >$5M   $5,000
Retail and Food Service <$5M   $2,500
  >$5   $5,000
Associate Members
NGOs <$25M   $1,000
  $25M - $100M   $1,500
  >$100M   $2,500
Food & Agriculture Business <$5M   $2,500
  >$5M   $5,000
Academic Institute or Department  N/A   $1,500
Observer, Individual Producer, Academic, etc. N/A   $500


Membership dues are paid annually and are payable on January 1 of each year.

Communicating about Membership

We have created a member statement that we invite members to use in their communication and marketing materials to highlight the work they do for the CRSB and to improve sustainability in the Canadian beef industry. Contact us at for more information.


What our Members say...

“The Canadian Cattlemen’s Association was a founding member of the CRSB because we are committed to transparency and collaboration. We’re extremely proud of the global leadership role Canadian farmers and ranchers have played in sustainable agriculture production and we feel that through enhanced collaboration across the diverse membership at the CRSB we will be able to further enhance our ability to produce safe, wholesome and sustainable food for Canadians and our customers abroad."

Bob Lowe, Canadian Cattlemen’s Association, Director

“The WWF has been involved in the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef as well as regional initiatives such as the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef. Canada is home to the northern tip of the Great Plains; ranchers are the stewards of these ecosystems and we are dedicated to working with them to help preserve these lands for generations to come. The roundtable offers us an excellent format to have discussions on how we can work on this together.”

Tim Hardman, Beef Director, World Wildlife Fund U.S

“Taking care of the social, environmental and economic aspects of a farm is just good business. We’re dedicated to supporting and partnering with the Canadian agriculture and food industry in leading the globe in sustainable agriculture practices.”

John Arnold, Royal Bank of Canada

"Loblaw is one of Canada’s largest buyers and sellers of beef. Our customers look to us to ensure the meat they buy in our stores is safe, high quality and produced in a humane and environmentally sustainable way.  Our participation in the CRSB enables us to bring our customers’ views into the conversation, and we’re pleased that together our common goal will help drive a more sustainable food system in Canada."  

Jennifer Lambert, Senior Manager, Sustainability – Loblaw Companies Ltd.