Photo Courtesy of BG Smith.

Communications & Marketing Committee

The existing Communications Committee was newly invigorated in March 2017 to incorporate a marketing component to assist in the launch of the CRSB’s Verification Framework.  The members of the CRSB Communications Committee bring their professional expertise and commitment to the mission and vision of the roundtable.

The mandate and goal of the CRSB Communications and Marketing Committee is to develop an effective communication and marketing strategy that includes providing direction and feedback on:

  1. Development and implementation of the CRSB’s communications plan;
  2. Development and implementation of a marketing strategy for verified sustainable beef;
  3. Development of claims guidelines to accompany CRSB’s verification framework;
  4. Cultivating strategic partnerships for the CRSB;
  5. Maintaining a diverse CRSB membership and/or expand the membership of the CRSB.

Committee Members

  • Kim McConnell, AdFarm (Chair)
  • Jean-Guillaume Bertola, McDonald’s
  • Gurneesh Bhandal, Cargill
  • Alexandra Eakins, Sobeys
  • Jeff Fitzpatrick-Stilwell, McDonald’s
  • Julian Garcia, Zoetis
  • Bryant Johnson, Elanco
  • Martin Lemoyne, Canada Beef Inc.
  • Virgil Lowe, Verified Beef Production Plus
  • Rachel McLean, Foothills Forage Association


  • Rob Meijer, JBS
  • David Moss, AgriClear
  • Greg Nolan, Artisan Farms
  • Joyce Parslow, Canada Beef Inc.
  • Tim Sopuck, Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corporation
  • Karli Reimer (acting for Kristine Tapley), Ducks Unlimited
  • Catherine Thomas, Loblaw
  • Debra Wilson, BIXS Co.