Verification Committee

The Verification Committee develops the framework and guidelines for the certification of the two sustainability standards within the Certified Sustainable Beef Framework. This includes developing assurance protocols and chain of custody requirements that form part of the Certified Sustainable Beef Framework

The committee also works to establish the process for determining equivalencies between the Certified Sustainable Beef Framework with existing industry tools and programs.

The committee consists of voting members and subject matter experts.


Committee members
Subject matter experts


Emily Murray, Cargill 

  • Norine Ambrose, Cows and Fish
  • Andrea Brocklebank - Beef Cattle Research Council
  • Jim Clark, Ontario Corn Fed Beef – Cattle Feeders Association
  • Dan Ferguson, Beef Farmers of Ontario
  • Jeff Fitzpatrick-Stilwell, McDonald’s
  • Cecilie Fleming, Alberta Beef Producers
  • Stirling Fox, JBS
  • Betty Green, Manitoba Beef Producers
  • Tim Hardman, World Wildlife Fund
  • Les Johnston, Saskatchewan Cattlemen’s Association
  • Kerrianne Koehler-Munro, Alberta Agriculture & Forestry
  • Carmen Koning, Canadian Angus Association
  • Dennis Laycraft, Canadian Cattlemen’s Association
  • Trevor MacLean, ScotiaBank
  • John Schooten, National Cattle Feeders Associations
  • Guy Seguin, Dairy Farmers of Canada
  • Klaass Vanderveen, Dairy Farmers of Canada
  • Andrew Telfer, Walmart
  • Rob Wilson, Nature Conservancy of Canada


  • Anne Brunet-Burgess, Canadian Cattle Identification Agency
  • Terry Grajczyk, Verified Beef Production Plus
  • Karen Haugen-Kozyra, Viresco Solutions
  • Jennifer Lambert, Loblaws
  • Greg Peters, IdentiGEN Ltd.
  • Leann Saunders, Where Food Comes From
  • Cheryl Schroeder, Dairy Farmers of Manitoba
  • Dr. Joyce van Donkersgoed, Alberta Cattle Feeders Association
  • Jackie Werpuk, National Farm Animal Care Council
  • Deborah Wilson, Beef Info XChange System (BIXS)