Certified Sustainable Beef Framework Committee

The mandate of the Certified Sustainable Beef Framework Committee is to oversee the delivery of the CRSB's Certified Sustainable Beef Framework.  


Objectives & Responsibilties

The committee's main functions and responsibilities include:

  • Reviewing and resolving complaints, appeals and real or perceived conflicts of interest that cannot be addressed by the Certification Body (CB) or that come directly to the CRSB associated with the Certified Sustainable Beef Framework
  • Reviewing and responding to Standard and Chain of Custody Requirements’ interpretation, revision and exception requests
  • Opportunities for improvement in the Framework’s implementation

The committee will also review and make recommendation to Council on the following:

  • Equivalency assessment approvals
  • Interpretation, revision and exception requests to the CRSB’s Communications, Claims and Labelling Guide
  • The need for substantial revisions to key pieces of the Framework

Committee Terms of Reference

Committee Members

The committee consists of individuals representing the CRSB's member constituencies:


Greg BowieGreg Bowie, Alberta Beef Producers

Tim HardmanTimothy Hardman, World Wildlife Fund


Beef Producers (3):

Harold Martens, Saskatchewan Cattlemen's Association
Carmen Koning, Canadian Angus Association
Les Wall, National Cattle Feeders' Association

Processing & Packing (2):

Tanya Thompson, Cargill
Jeff Balchin, Centennial Foodservice

Retail & Foodservice (2):

Townsend Bailey, McDonalds
Carl Dean, Cactus Club Cafe Restaurants

Food & Agriculture Business (1)

John Arnold, RBC Royal Bank

NGO (2):

Jessica Watson, West Central Forage Association 
Kevin Teneycke, Nature Conservancy of Canada

Members at Large (2):

Katherine Fox, Beef Farmers of Ontario
Lee Irvine, TrustBIX


Staff support provided by Kaley Segboer, Certification Framework Manager.