2 days to go: Public Consultation on Sustainability Indicators for Beef Processing closes August 29, 2017

On June 29, the CRSB released Draft 1 of Sustainability Indicators for beef processing for a 60-day public comment period to ensure sustainability challenges and opportunities the in beef processing sector are addressed.  The comment period closes tomorrow, August 29, and we encourage all to review the draft indicators and provide comments.  Comments will be reviewed, and written response to each comment will summarized in a report posted on the CRSB website following the consultation.  Following refinement based on the comments, we expect an additional 30-day public consultation later this fall.

The CRSB has been working collaboratively through it multi-stakeholder membership to promote sustainability across the beef industry.  Developing a verification framework is part of this work, and the indicators reflect what will be measured to verify sustainable practices. With the completion of consultation on sustainability indicators for beef production earlier this year, the focus has shifted to beef processing.  Note that the current scope of indicators for the sector applies to primary processing only.

Click here for the Consultation page, with links to the Draft Indicators for Beef Processing, as well as instructions for comment.

Click here for original news release when public consultation was launched.

Please forward your comments to Monica Hadarits, CRSB Verification Programs Director at hadaritsm@cattle.ca.

*Please note that if you previously downloaded the comment form, there may have been an error in the contact email address.  It has now been corrected here and on the consultation page.